Treat yourself

Listening to a podcast whilst taking a walk can provide the perfect escape, which is exactly why it's one of our #Try20 tips.

Victoria Spashett, our Schools Coordinator has some recommendations to get you started. Happy listening!


I love a good podcast, I’ve been listening to them for years. They reflect my interests and aspirations, as well as a desire to keep learning.

Like books and films, I have my guilty pleasures; the ones that I look forward to and download as soon as they’re available (Little Gold Men) and mourn the end of (The West Wing Weekly).

Here are some of my favourites that you could try while you're #walkingfromhome

Life lessons

Stuff you should know
A taste of the past

My listening preferences change depending on what I'm up to. However, I’m not always matching the subject to my activity – hearing about food doesn’t always jive with what’s happening in my kitchen but learning The Ins and Outs of Beekeeping from Stuff You Should Know? Yes please.

Whilst, Home Cooking is a quarantine pop-up podcast that’s like having two friends over for dinner, albeit one a bestselling food author and the other a musician and host of Song Exploder with great stories to tell.  Episode 1: Bean There, Done That was a revelation and my hummus game has forever been changed!


For winding down at the end of the day I want to hear about things that are relaxing from hosts whose style isn't loud or brash. Step up, Linda Pelaccio (A Taste of the Past) whose conversational style is very soothing.

With the opportunities to travel being as limited as they are right now, revisiting the Foodways and Cooking of Appalachia episode allowed me to think of the Appalachian Trail – a through route walked by friends a few years ago. I’m not sure I’m quite up to that level of fitness yet but it’s nice to think about a time when going for a hike will again be possible.


On I Weigh, Jameela Jamil looks at where our true value lies (spoiler: it's not the reading on our bathroom scales).

She's joined by performers, friends, activists and influencers who generously share their past shames and vulnerabilities.

It's funny, thought provoking, and fantastic to see diverse voices represented and celebrated.


Wellbeing listens

safe for work
Happy Place

The Outside Podcast inspires me to think of the possibilities of exploration. Two episodes are particularly heartening in that they reinforce how good exposing ourselves to nature can be for our mental health, and that it doesn’t require visiting a national park or travelling great distances.

Hear about one man’s experience of forest bathing in Why a Walk in the Woods Cures the Blues and all about ‘What Awe in Nature Does for Us’. 

Safe for Work has come to an end but they’ve been re-running some classics. Keeping Sane in Your Home Office and Staying Connected to Your Team Outside of the Office are both great and available here, if you’re adapting to remote working.

Fearne Cotton's Happy Place sees her chatting a range of recognisable names and experts about how to find job in each and every day, and how to deal with stress and anxiety.

Walking fans might enjoy her episode with Erling Kagge, the explorer and author of 'Walking: One Step at a Time.   

Words on walking

99 invisible
walk with us

Reasons to be Cheerful sees Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd talking to a range of people – from policymakers, experts and campaigners – about the biggest problems facing the world today. However, it’s a ‘cheerful’ outlook, with optimism and progressive ideas at the centre of their discussions.

Our Trustee Susan Claris and former CEO, Joe Irvin OBE, joined them on the Walk This Way episode to talk about how we can redesign our public spaces around people rather than cars.

99% Invisible’s episode Sound and Health: Cities first aired last year and asks if the modern soundscape to which we are exposed is damaging to our health. It’s an interesting reminder of what many of us experienced pre-social distancing and the reduction of vehicles on roads, construction and planes overhead.

And for those of you who don’t know how The Ramblers came about, I recommend their Right to Roam episode.  

...and of course, there's Living Streets podcast - bringing you fresh perspectives on walking in a series of podcasts released for National Walking Month this May.

What does walking mean to us? features some of the UK's leading active travel leads - Dame Sarah Storey, Chris Boardman et al, discussing why walking is important to them.

Listen to them here and check back for the latest episodes. 

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