The winners of our national #WalkingFromHome photography competition have been revealed. 

Entrants to the competition were asked to share photos of their daily walks during lockdown on social mediaThe competition ran for seven weeks during February and Marchand each week had a different colour for inspiration.  

Living Streets helped people stay active during lockdown by providing free walking resources and activities for all ages, along with advice on how to walk whilst following COVID-19 restrictions. The competition aimed to help people keep their local walks interesting by taking the time to stop, look and connect with their surroundings. 

Staying local has meant we have discovered new places, met new people and explored our local area as never before. These winning photographs are a celebration of the rich visual landscape which is right on our doorstep.   As lockdown eases and we travel further afield, we hope these photographs act as a reminder of the quiet, everyday joy that a short walk can bring.

Mary Creagh, Chief Executive, Living Streets

what our winners had to say...

RED winner:
Laura Wells, Portsmouth

Red photo winner


“Daily walking has always been a big part of my life, particularly where I live in Portsmouthwhich is very walkable. 

"In lockdown, walking has become even more important to me as I've been working from home. It's been great to explore my local area even more on foot. 

Orange winner:
Zoe Nihill, Carshalton

Orange week winner


“I often pass through our local parks on my way to and from work or during lockdown strolls with my family. I feel very blessed to have such beautiful green spaces in abundance within my borough.”  

YELLOW winner:
Jemma Street, Liverpool

Yellow week winner


“Taking my six-year-old daughter for her daily walk around the local neighbourhood during lockdown has been a real lifesaver for us, both mentally and physically. We have always walked to our local shops and parks, as well as to school every day, but somehow getting outdoors, for however brief a time, has felt much more precious since the pandemic began.  

“Seldom a day goes by when we don't bump into a friend on our walks (from an appropriate distance, of course!). These brief points of contact, even a quick wave or a 'hello' from the other side of a road, have really helped keep our spirits up and lessened the inevitable feelings of isolation brought on by lockdown.” 

Purple winner:
Kim Kjaerside, Edinburgh

Purple Flowers


"Myself, my wife and our two young kids live by Portobello, Edinburgh's seaside. Here we are fortunate enough to have a local burn, fields and the beach to visit. During the last year we have got to know our local area so much better and been on many small adventures with the kids, exploring and learning about the local wildlife.

"My photograph of the crocuses was taken during one of many walks in our local National Trust for Scotland's garden and forest. It's one of our daughters favourite wildflowers and the setting seemed appropriate to showcase their beautiful purple colours." 

Blue winner:
Dan Snell, London

Blue week winner


“I absolutely love this competition for the way it’s added an extra sense of wonder to #WalkingFromHome and exploring local neighbourhoods.” 

Green winner:
Stacy Dowding, London

Green week winner


“I've enjoyed breaking up my 'working from home days' with getting outside for a walk.  It has given me an opportunity to get some exercise, spend time in nature and listen to books that I would have read on my usual commute.  I took this photo as it is great to have a low traffic neighbourhood so close to home to provide a safer environment for my family to walk and cycle in. 

Pink winner:
Becki Cox, Glasgow

Pink week winner


“The graffiti in the picture I submitted says ‘cultivate radical softness’. As people walking, we are required to both look down at our feet but also up and out at the world around us. Walking connects us and enables those little moments of everyday humanity!” 

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