Our streets all have stories to tell. Finding them is not only a perfect excuse to get out, it's a great way to connect with your local area.

Our digital engagement coordinator, Matthew, has some examples.


As a form of transport, walking is unique because it allows us to be present in a place, not just pass through it. 

When we say we want streets to be better for walking, we naturally focus a lot on things that need to, you know, get better. Removing obstacles. Making it safer and more attractive.

But one thing that is harder to build into a place is human connection. That can only come from the people that walk the streets today, and have done over the years before.

This is what led walks are about, and is something Living Streets has been delighted to witness in recent years.

You don't need to be a tourist or even pay for a guide to do this.

Our streets around us all have tales to tell - history, culture, heritage. And all of these things play a huge part in defining our spaces.

So do a bit of swotting up and you are sure to find some local landmarks that will, I promise you, make your streets feel that bit more valuable.

Film and TV

Victoria Street, Edinburgh

Living Streets might be 91 years old, but we are not above getting excited when we see local places on the telly or even at the cinema.

Our project coordinator Danielle recorded this gorgeous podcast with her friend, podcaster and fellow cinephile Laurence (click here for more of his work) about some of the movie locations that she can reach from her home in Edinburgh.

Are there any spots you can identify near where you live?


Arts and music

Famous artists all had to grow up somewhere, live somewhere, work somewhere.

And often these everyday places can not only add to the mythology surrounding not just the authors or painters – or in the case of the tweet thread I am sharing here, musicians – but change the feeling of the streets themselves.

And you really don't have to live in the big cities to find these spots.


View the whole thread on Twitter


Getting to know a neighbourhood's history can be endlessly fascinating. And the more you learn about the streets you think you know well, they never seem the same again.

It could be a generation, a century or a whole millennium old - we are lucky that our towns and cities often have stories that go a long way back. 

Have a look at this thread of videos our Vicky tweeted from her home town of Chester-Le-Street in County Durham. How could you not be inspired to go and have a dig around yourself.

View the whole thread on Twitter

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