We’re all having to adapt to these new and uncertain situations we find ourselves in. For many of us, it will mean a lot more staying in than we’re used to. The Government’s current advice is that you should be going for a walk, if you can. Our Communications and Media Manager, Kath Shaw, thinks this is advice we should all get behind.

Kathryn Shaw

Walking can help ease two of the big side effects of the situation coronavirus (Covid-19) presents us with – isolation and inactivity.  

For those of you finding your regular gym session, yoga class or swimming club cancelled, walking is a fantastic and safe way to stay active.  

The advice from Public Health England is that as long as you’re showing no symptoms of Covid-19 or being instructed to self isolate (i.e. because you're in a high risk category or live with someone with symptoms of the virus), then you should get out for a walk. 

Just a 20 minute walk can have fantastic health benefits, helping to stave off chronic conditions like heart disease, certain cancers and type 2 diabetes.

As always by walking, we include people who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids.


You can also go for a walk outdoors if you stay more than two metres from others

Public Health England

Just being outside can help keep your mental wellbeing in check during these strange times we’re living through, whilst also keeping you connected to your local community.   

We’re getting wonderful messages from people on Twitter who are making sure they wave  hello and share a smile with people they see. It might sound simple, but these small acts of kindness can really buoy someone’s spirits.

Here at Living Streets, we are following government advice and having our office-based staff work from home. All our landline numbers have been diverted to mobiles, so you can still contact us in the normal way.  

Our Local Groups of volunteers across the UK are also following advice and as a result all planned activities have been cancelled.  
From all of us at Living Streets, we are with you every step of the way – that just might mean virtually for the time being!  

Most importantly: stay healthy, stay happy.  

Stay in touch

We are loving the walking posts people are sharing on social media, so please keep them coming!

Boy walking

Useful info

For those of you self-isolating, Sport England has some great advice on how you can still stay active within the home, if you’re well enough.  

Visit Sport England


And there are lots of ways to support the more vulnerable members of your community, whether it's running errands or just calling them for a chat.

Check out local message boards, groups and websites - or search #viralkindness on social media – to see how you can help.  

Girl walking