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The power of local campaigning reached a new high last month as our Islington Living Streets Group met with Jeremy Corbyn MP, Labour Leader, to discuss how we can make local communities great places to walk, cycle and spend time. Aisha Hannibal, our Local Engagement Coordinator, spoke to our David Harrison from the Islington Living Streets Group to find out more.


Kathryn Shaw
Jeremy Corbyn, MP with local campaigners

David said “Jeremy Corbyn is no stranger to grassroots campaigning and is known to be responsive to the needs of local residents in his borough, so who better to ask for advice about making Islington streets fitter for walking? The topics on the table were the rat running of narrow streets, the heavy traffic at peak hours and the token signposting of quiet streets for bikes and those on foot. 74% of households in Islington don't have access to a car, so it's really important and a matter of social justice to make sure streets work for them.”

David Harrison along with Tabitha Tanqueray from Cycle Islington discussed with Jeremy their shared interest in reducing motor vehicle traffic and creating a network of quiet streets, free of through-traffic, for people to use and enjoy. They found Jeremy to be really positive about their ideas and he spoke about his achievements as a Councillor in blocking rat runs'. He’s keen to work with both groups to make streets safe and enjoyable places, and to create a viable network to make walking and cycling the natural choices for everyday journeys.

David added, ‘Local Campaigners really can get to meet the most senior politicians to seek advice to bring about streets for all, not just motorists.’

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It’s a matter of social justice to provide safe, healthy routes for those on foot and bicycle. By creating high quality, low-trafficked routes, we can ensure that the health benefits of active travel are extended to all residents, not just those currently bold enough to ride amongst traffic.

Jeremy Corbyn, MP for Islington North and leader of the Labour Party

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