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Pupils of The Gerrards Cross Church of England School rename their school street from Moreland Drive to Moreland Walk to celebrate their participation in Walk to School Week 2021.


Pupils at The Gerrards Cross Church of England School in Buckinghamshire are taking a determined step to make their journey to school safer and healthier this week.

They have joined the 350,000 children across the UK celebrating the benefits of walking during Walk to School Week (17 – 21 May 2021).

Walk to School Week takes place each May during National Walking Month, with this year’s challenge focusing on the walking superpowers that benefit individuals, communities and the planet.

Walking Superpowers

Families at The Gerrards Cross Church of England School were encouraged to walk, cycle, scoot or ‘Park and Stride’, for the whole week to see the big differences that come from small steps, from healthier and happier children to fewer cars at the school gates and on neighbouring streets.

Teachers and parents are supporting children on their morning journeys with reward stickers and a pop-up healthy refreshments stall located on the corner of Moreland Drive which leads to the school.

To further enforce the important message that people should not drive near the school, Moreland Drive has been temporarily re-named Moreland Walk for the week.


Moreland Walk


Walk to School Week is a great way of inspiring families to re-consider and make permanent changes to their journey to school.”

Mrs Flower, Headteacher, The Gerrards Cross Church of England School 

walk to school safely

Some thoughts from the pupils


By changing the name of the road, it tells everyone what to do and helps keep little people like me safer. It’s made arriving to school more fun for people when they see what we have done.”
Liza Bunch, age 10




 “I loved walking to school today. I chatted with my mummy and my little sister made me laugh.”
Lucy Rutherford, age 7