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The world's most important summit on climate change will be taking place in Glasgow from 31 October to 12 November - and we are proud to be there.

Living Streets has three events planned during the talks, which will spotlight the crucial part walking has to play in our response to the climate emergency.

We take a closer look at what’s in store from the 'Women leaders across the globe transforming street design' event.

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‘Women leaders across the globe transforming street design’ takes place on Wednesday, 10 November from 4-5pm GMT, in Tower Base North in the Green Zone.

This event will showcase international examples of how equitable street infrastructure can change travel behaviours in a positive way for the environment, health and local economies.

The need to include diverse voices in decision making will also be a key focus. Too often women, children, older and disabled people are excluded from designing and planning our public spaces.

The event takes place in two parts, each one featuring three expert speakers.

Susan Claris

Susan Claris will be chairing the event.

Susan Claris is Living Streets’ appointed Vice President, a role which involves being an ambassador for the charity’s cause – everyday walking – and a key figurehead for Living Streets’ campaigns and networks. Her career in transport planning and recent award of Transport Planner of the Year, along with her genuine passion for walking, make her perfect for the ambassadorial role.

Associate Director at Arup, Susan has a particular interest in how urban mobility creates more liveable communities and the many benefits that arise from making cities more walkable.

Setting the scene: How are women leaders transforming street design?

Dr Leslie Kern (she/her) is Associate Professor, Department of Geography & Environment and in the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, Mount Allison University, Nova Scotia, Canada. She is also the Director of women’s and gender studies. She has a doctorate in gender, feminist, and women’s studies from York University. Her research covers gender and cities, gentrification, and environmental justice.

Dr Leslie Kern will be discussing ‘What would a feminist city look like?’ and will join us live from Canada.
Dr Leslie Kern

“Gender equity is a critical element for designing effective urban climate mitigation strategies. Without attention to gender differences in work, safety, and mobility, such strategies will fall short of their goals.”

Dr Leslie Kern
Janet Sanz Cid

Janet Sanz Cid is Deputy Mayor of Barcelona and has led and developed emblematic projects in Barcelona, for example:

  • A change of model in the Public Space, with the aim of making it healthier and more habitable, through the creation of Superblocks, Green axes and the increase of bike lanes, among others.
  • In the area of housing, one of the central policies has been to guarantee that 30% is allocated to affordable housing in private developments.
Joining us in person in Glasgow, Janet Sanz Cid will be examining ‘Improved streets for women, designed by women – principles for more inclusive design’.

Carly Gilbert-Patrick manages the UNEP team for Active Mobility, Digitalisation and Mode Integration working with countries around the world to decouple mobility from increasing emissions. Carly Gilbert-Patrick is also the Regional Coordinator for the Central and Eastern Europe Region. She is a Council member of the World Economic Forum Future Council on Mobility.

Carly Gilbert-Patrick with be talking live from Kenya about ‘How women across the world are taking the lead to increase active travel and decrease emissions’.
Mrs. Carly Gilbert-Patrick

“In Nairobi there is a huge critical mass movement with women at the forefront gathering in mass to cycle through the city every month - bringing awareness to how important investment in infrastructure is to keep cyclists safe in the city.”

Carly Gilbert-Patrick

In action: What has been achieved in towns and cities? Putting into practice a more equitable approach

Leticia Leda Sabino

Leticia Leda Sabino is Founder and Director of SampaPé!, an NGO focused on improving the walking experience in cities and building more walkable cities together with people, members of International Federation of Pedestrian (IFP). She is Co-founder of Latin American Network for Walkable Cities and Cidadeapé – a civil society organization for pedestrians in Sao Paulo. Dreamer and mobilizer of the Open Street programme in São Paulo.

Leticia Leda Sabino will explore ‘Defining truly walkable cities across Brazil with inclusivity at its heart’. She will speak live from Sao Paulo.

"Women in leadership positions are promoting cities where play, stopping and contemplating, being outdoors are possible, by redesigning the streets and use of public spaces with colours, benches, cultural programmes, engaging people in the dialogue and transformation. And throughout this, showing how the urban environment should reflect and promote a caring and collective society."

Leticia Leda Sabino

Anabel Gulías, Deputy Mayor, Pontevedra, has experience in senior management of both public companies (she was a Leader Technician for the Deza-Tabeirós region) and private companies (she was Manager of Sermos Galiza). Between 2011 and 2015, she was spokesperson for the BNG in Forcarei. Currently, in the municipal government she is responsible for promotion of the city and external projection of the city and the City Council; major sporting events; and management of the municipal register of inhabitants, amongst other areas.

Anabel Gulías will be spotlighting ‘How a whole town has benefited from more inclusive streets’, live from Spain.
Anabel Gulias
Cllr Anna Richardson

Cllr Anna Richardson worked in various public sector administrative roles before spending 9 years at home raising her three children. During that time she gained an HND in Antenatal Education and worked part time for the national parenting charity NCT.

Anna Richardson was elected as Councillor for Langside ward in Glasgow in 2015, and again in 2017. She is currently Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, with a particular interest in transport, equalities and the mainstreaming of sustainability across all Council functions.

Cllr Anna Richardson will join us in person in Glasgow to look at ‘Prioritising active travel as a key part of Glasgow’s carbon reduction plan’.