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To mark Clean Air Day 2021 on 17 June, Matt, our engagement coordinator, pulled together a few easy things you can do to help us make the case for walking in the fight against air pollution.

Matt Cunningham

Air pollution is one of the greatest environmental and health challenges in our time. Against this backdrop, the need to rethink how our streets work has never been more urgent. 

At Living Streets we see promoting walking as a vital tool in reducing the motor traffic that generates so many emissions.

And remember that all evidence suggests that we are no less exposed to the effects of pollution in a car than we are while outside.

At the same time though we know that poor air quality is something that prevents plenty of people from walking.

So that’s why tackling pollution is central to so much of our work – from supporting anti-idling projects and calling for car-free school gates, to calling on local authorities to take the strongest action possible.

We know we can do more, and here are some ways you can help.

Clean air need streets fit for walking

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3. Read our blog

walking for all

"We should be informed by those who currently walk but also include people who don’t, to explore the reasons behind this and inform decision making in a much more diverse and holistic manner."

If walking has a part to play in cleaning our air, it must be for everybody. Our Vice President, Susan Claris blogs for us on a new report.

Blog: Walking for Everyone

4. Use our toolkits

Car-free school streets



Want to make a street outside a local school car-free,  reduce congestion, cut pollution and increase walking? Our online form and download our toolkit has all you need.

School Streets Schemes

Idling drivers



Idling is often a problem outside schools, hospitals and near bus stops, so why not work together with your neighbours to improve air quality for everyone who lives, works or studies nearby? Give our toolkit a try.

Tackle air pollution

5. Watch our animation

Walking up emissions down


Over 70% of air pollution is produced by road traffic.

By prioritising cleaner air and investing in walking and cycling, our decision makers can help turn this around.


Premature deaths each year in the UK are attributable to air pollution. 

In March, the European Heart Journal found toxic air is killing more people than tobacco smoking.

More about walking and air pollution

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Air pollution down


Walking is great for your health, but air pollution is putting the public at risk. 

Air pollution

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