To mark International Walk To School Month, we are asking pupils, parents and teachers to #ChalkTheWalk.

Why do you love walking to school? What do you want to see more and less of on your streets? Chalk the walk, take a photo and tell the world!

Here are some simple tips for what to do (and what not to do).

Children walking

1. Get some chalk


The chunkier the chalk the better

You will need to write and draw in big, bold strokes for it to show up in your photos - more on that below.

2. Get permission!

Francesca thinks

Important this: Make sure you have permission to chalk on your chosen bit of ground

So a school playground, a drive or pathway in your home, a car park at your work. And perhaps - perhaps - your school can obtain permission from the local council to do this around the school gates.  

But as a basic rule if you don't know you have permission, don't chalk there because you might get in trouble and we don't want that.

3. Pick your spot

International Walk to School

As well as making sure you are allowed to use it, you also need to make sure the place you chalk works.

  1. The smoother the better
  2. Dark is good as it contrasts with the chalk
  3. Dry is preferable

4. Get artistic!

Small child chalking

That's enough talk. Let's get to chalking!

Short, sweet messages or clear simple drawings.

Tell us why you love the Walk to School. Share what you want to see more (or less) of. 

5. Get snappy

Taking a photo of chalking

It's quite simple with #ChalkTheWalk - photos or it didn't happen

Try and take them from above so they are easy to read and understand.

And then broadcast them to THE WHOLE WORLD on Twitter and Instagram, including the #ChalkTheWalk hashtag and @livingstreets.