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Matthew, our digital engagement coordinator, has pulled together some bits and bobs that demonstrate the true power of walking when it comes to our mental health.

Matt Cunningham

The causes of poor mental health are complex enough, but when you add the conditions of dealing with the daily realities of a global pandemic, stress is not something we can just walk away from.

However we can say with certainty that everyday walking can help us fight back.

Walking helps improve mental and physical wellbeing, tackle depression and anxiety, and connect us with our world and those around us.

So a society that walks more stands to be one that is healthier and happier as a result. 

More walking


Healthier, happier communities


Listen to our podcasts

From the archives, here are two short audio clips - one on walking and mental health, the other on workplace stress.

James Acaster
Matt Haig

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Let nature guide you

Try to find some green on your walk.

#Try20 Tip 3

Mindful meander

Mindful meander

Walking is a perfect way to zone out and rid yourself of negative thoughts.

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