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20-26 November is Road Safety Week, and Living Streets project coordinator Richard Lambert is helping the City of London mark it with their latest initiative aimed at making the Square Mile better and safer for walking.

We'll let him explain how.

Richard our coordinator

National Road Safety Week allows us the chance to focus our attention on projects and campaigns that take place all year round across the UK to improve the safety of our roads for all users.

In the heart of our capital, the City of London is committed to reducing road danger and also safe guarding its most vulnerable road users.

Most of us know what it feels like as a pedestrian to walk in a busy city and the City of London is working to ensure its streets and public realm are safe for all.

On 20 November, the City is launching its Be Brake Ready campaign to highlight the vulnerability of pedestrians and encouraging drivers to take steps to be able to stop more quickly and drive more defensively whilst in the City to limit road danger.

On Bishopsgate outside Liverpool Street station, the Road Safety Team will be launching a stunt to highlight the campaign.

The campaign is part of the wider Road Etiquette Principles that the City has developed and is encouraging all road users to adhere to.

Most of us know what it feels like as a pedestrian to walk in a busy city and the City of London is working to ensure its streets and public realm are safe for all.

Be Brake Ready is just one string of the City's bow when it comes to initiatives to increase road safety and encourage more active travel from both residents and its 400,000 visitors each day.

The City of London targets positive behaviour change and also implements physical improvements to public realm and street infrastructure to increase safety of the environment its visitors travel in – in this way both behaviour change campaigns and physical infrastructure programmes are key to ensuring that road danger reduction is achieved.

Be Brake Ready is part of a wider road danger reduction campaign across the City to reduce the number of people injured in road traffic collisions and increase the positive road behaviour by all road users and inspire motorists to take responsibility for the safety of more vulnerable road users.

Some more City of London initiatives

  • A blanket 20mph speed limit across the square mile
  • Pioneering road closures at key junctions such as Bank Junction (since May 2017) which has aimed to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists as well as improve air quality
  • Re-engineered junctions such as Aldgate and Holborn to improve the walking and cycling environment and create a much safer space for vulnerable road users;
    Working with freight operators to ensure the safeguarding of all road users
  • The City also promotes active travel to their businesses through their Active City Business Network
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Slower speeds save lives
Pavements are for people not parking
More walking less choking

Our Walking Cities Campaign

Living Streets is calling on the mayor and local councillors in a selection of major UK cities to pledge to make their cities healthier, cleaner and less congested by making our streets safe and inviting for everyone to walk.

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