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Tip 20 – share your highlights

Thank you for deciding to #Try20! Hopefully you're feeling healthier, happier and proud of your decision to get more active and do your bit for the environment.

Let us know about your #Try20 mission. Where did you go? Who did you meet? What did you find along the way?

Share your photos and favourite thing about #Try20 on social media, tagging in @LivingStreets. 

Want to keep going? Why not choose your favourite tip and give it another go.


How many Try 20 tips did you tick off? 

What did you spot on your walks this National Walking Month? What colours did you see and what sounds did you hear? Did you bump into anyone you know as you strolled – or did you make a new friend?

Sarah Lamey, one of our Communications Coordinators, tells us why she decided to take notice of the sights and sounds on her on her daily walks.

Did you manage to try all of our #Try20 tips? Did you walk the rainbow, let the kids lead the way or transform your street? You can still give all 20 tips a go to help you fit 20 minutes of walking into your day. 

Check out our tips and download your own #Try20 check list to tick them off as you go!