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During lockdown a number of people in Penarth started to engage more consistently on how the town could look and feel, in order to do better to support the quality of residents’ lives. 


The creation of Penarth Living Streets gives concerned residents a voice in decisions that affect all users of the town. This could be in matters such as pedestrian priority, road danger reduction, pavement parking, and addressing the reasons for the widespread reliance on private motor vehicles.


We have already been successful in working with Masters students from Cardiff University to gather data with a specific focus on Windsor Road & Glebe Street and the route to Station Approach & Victoria Square. This data has been used in reports to summarise current mobility choices, accessibility, and the future vitality of Penarth high street.


Our main areas of priority

  • Promoting walking as the default method to travel short journeys, and improving infrastructure, such as better pedestrian crossings and improved pavement quality.
  • Rethinking the use of public space and questioning the decision to gift so much of it to moving and storing private motor vehicles.
  • Reclaiming street space from motor traffic and parking, for more social and active use.
  • Reducing traffic speeds and ending inconsiderate and dangerous driving, including pavement parking, and supporting 20mph zones in residential areas.


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It is our aim to give residents a voice in discussions amongst stakeholders and the local authority in decisions that affect everyone.


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