Would you like walking to be the obvious choice for all short journeys in Birmingham? Would you like the barriers to walking to be removed ?

We are a group of local people who want our streets to be fit for walking. We work with others towards common goals that improve walking conditions including having an input to the planning process to improve the built environment and lobbying authorities for greater consideration of ‘active travel’

We encourage discussion and input from existing and new members. Everyone’s local area has a different challenge and we learn from each other.

Some of the issues we have worked on recently include:

  • Responding to planning consultations
  • Objecting to road widening through a community hub
  • Tackling the intimidation of pedestrians and poor road safety performance in our area
  • Reinstating street trees

If you are passionate about issues for pedestrians, please get in touch.

Just so you know, by getting in touch you'll be contacting a local volunteer, not national Living Streets.


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