If we want clean air, we need streets that are designed around people, not motor vehicles.

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Improve the air we breathe

Air pollution is bad for our health and the environment, and we need to take steps to alleviate it. In the UK, it’s estimated that 36,000 early deaths a year can be linked to air pollution exposure.

Idling vehicles -  when an engine is left running while parked, stationary, or when waiting at junctions or traffic lights - contributes to our toxic air.

Idling is often a problem outside schools, hospitals and near bus stops, so why not work together with your neighbours to improve air quality for everyone who lives, works or studies nearby? It might just make a difference.

Download our toolkit to find out how you can take action in your area to put an end to idling vehicles. Our guide runs you through all the steps you’ll need to run your own campaign or anti-idling day of action.

Download anti-idling toolkit

We can help you take action in your area

If you plan to use our toolkit and run an anti-idling campaign or day of action in your area let us know. We will then get in touch to discuss how we can support you.

Living Streets is gathering your data to process this action. We won’t share your details with any third parties. We will be in touch to offer you support with your anti-idling activity. View our full privacy policy here.

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Have your say - and make it count

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Across the country local authorities are asking people to give feedback on their plans to tackle air pollution.

These consultations are great opportunities to push your local authorities to do more to effectively tackle air pollution, and to promote the importance of walking as the natural choice for short journeys.

Our how-to guide outlines Living Streets' position on the main issues, such as the importance of charging Clean Air Zones, and provides ideas local authorities can take up, for example a Workplace Parking Levy (WPL). It gives you text that you can combine with your own local knowledge to submit a strong consultation response. 

You can also read some of the comprehensive responses Living Streets itself has made to some large-scale consultations.

Download our air quality consultation how-to guide - pdf

Birmingham (2018)

Wales Clean Air Zone Framework (2018)

Greater Manchester (2019)


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The amount of air pollution caused by road traffic

Investing in and prioritising walking and cycling can be part of the solution – and you can help us call for change by making a donation.


Together we will:

  • Work with UK and devolved governments to ensure clean air is prioritised. We’re the pedestrian voice campaigning for a Clean Air Act and more investment in walking and cycling.
  • Respond to clean air consultations in key towns and cities across the UK, and call for Clean Air Zones
  • Provide campaigners with materials to pick up the fight in their area!


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