Every October is International Walk to School Month - and in 2018 we looked at how we make the Walk to School safer and easier.

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Watch our road closure videos

School road closures are transformative, removing the congestion, pollution and other hazards posed by cars to put pupils and families first.

We visited two schools that are taking part in WOW, our year-round walk to school challenge, to find out how they work and how taking part has benefited pupils, parents and teachers.

how you can get more children walking to school

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Find out about our groundbreaking Walk to School challenges.

Walk to School

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Policy makers

Our report contains 21 recommendations for promoting walking to school.

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Need more inspiration to get walking?

Take a look at our Silver Clarion Award winning film, produced with the Media Trust.

We spoke to fellow walking experts in Australia and Canada.

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In Australia, projects that encourage whole communities to walk more, creating busier, more vibrant streets, are a key approach to getting more children walking to school.

Walking to school in Australia

Map of Canada

In Canada, harsh winter weather can be a major obstacle - but imaginative schemes like 'Winter Walking Days' (with hot chocolate rewards!) are proving effective.

Walking to school in Canada

As kids, we enjoyed walking to school because it was fun. Now, as adults, we understand all the additional reasons that active school travel is so important. It allows children to get to know their neighbourhoods, get exercise, and improve their concentration levels at school.

Armi De Francia and Laura Zeglen, Canadian School Travel Planners

Walk to school success stories from closer to home...

Walk to school memories

This mum's lovely message got us thinking about all the memories we make on the walk to school.

Wansdyke Primary School, Bristol

How one school 's commitment to walking to school with us culminated in a hugely successful Park & Stride scheme.

Our impact

School road closure in Camden

How Living Streets worked with a London school and its local council to close its street to traffic.