Public health. Air pollution. Climate change. Transport. Road safety.

These are all big issues affecting our towns and cities, and reducing car dominance and making walking and wheeling the easiest and safest options for everyday journeys is a key part of the solution.

we need to choose walking. Agree? Join our campaign

If there's a regional, mayoral or council election near you, help us get our message out and put walking, wheeling and our streets on the local agenda.

Visit the Electoral Commission website to see if there is an election where you live.



Take action where you live

A great way to promote our calls is by writing to your local paper - so we have put together an online form which lets you do just that.


Get started

Take an extra step

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Check out our tips for campaigning during local elections.


Supporters Briefing

What we want

We are calling on all election candidates to commit to create communities and streets where:

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