we need to choose walking 

Ahead of this year's regional, mayoral or council elections, we asked supporters to help us get our message out and put walking and our streets on the local agenda.

We are now contacting all local transport leads

Our members have told us they want local leaders to reduce pedestrian deaths and injuries, tackle air pollution and carbon emissions, get more families walking to school and improve our pavements so everyone can use them safely.

Let’s keep up the momentum - see how you can get active below.

Local Groups in action

polling station sign

We asked our Local Groups to take the extra step to put walking, wheeling and our streets on the local agenda during the Election campaign.

Here we hear from some of them.

Influencing Change through Hustings Events

Lobbying guide

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Check out our tips for campaigning during local elections.


Supporters Briefing

What we want

We are calling on all election candidates to commit to create communities and streets where:

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