Imagine better streets that everyone can use and enjoy.

Imagine our roads free from congestion and pollution. 

Imagine walking was No1 mode of transport for local trips. 

Join thousands of people across the country making a big difference.

Pavements for People

Pavements are for people. Get your free action packs and campaign with us to ensure that street clutter, pavem…

Pavements are for people

Walking Cities

Call for cities that are designed around people not vehicles.

Ban pavement parking in Scotland

Great news! The Scottish Parliament has agreed in principle that a new law be passed to implement a nationwide…

Be a Snow Angel

This winter, help ensure neighbours with limited mobility are not trapped indoors because of icy streets.

National Walking Month 2019

May was National Walking Month. How did you walk this May?

Help local councils create better streets

If local authorities are going to deliver on plans that prioritise walking and cycling, they need appropriate…