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To create streets that are fitter for walking we need change at a local and national level.

From supporting nationwide campaigns, to creating change in your own neighbourhood, there are a number of ways you can get involved.

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Start your own campaign or local group.

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Walking summit 2019

Walking summit

In just two years our Walking Summits have become a highlight of the active travel and street planning calendars.

Join us this year.

Glasgow - 15 March 2019

Birmingham - 29 March 2019

Know a walking champion?

Charles Maher Award

Nominations are now open for the Living Streets Charles Maher Award - Walking Champion 2019.

Charles Maher Award

Our campaigning in action


How parklets can help transform our streets - and the role of one inspiring campaign.


Car Free Cardiff 2019

Cardiff Goes Car Free in May 2019

Let's walk together

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