Walking in later life

Making sure we can keep walking in later life is vital to ensuring we stay physically and socially active.

Walking combats loneliness and isolation by providing opportunities to stop and chat. Participation in regular organised walks provides regular physical and social activity for people who might otherwise be less active, and less socially engaged.

Living Streets helps older adults overcome barriers to walking, whether that’s damaged footways, a lack of resting places or inadequate crossings. We work with communities, local authorities and partners to identify the issues and create streets which are safe and welcoming for all ages.

Our walking projects promote healthier lifestyles and ensure people can stay active and connected with their communities in later life.

Small steps

Through our Walking Connects project, we have developed 'small steps' resources to help older people build or maintain a walking habit. 

We know that older people are as diverse as the population as a whole, and it is hard to generalise about what will help or suit everyone over 60. Small steps offers a range of ideas, resources and examples of success for people to pick from to suit their circumstances. 

There are also resources for friends and family who want to support someone with starting or maintaining a walking habit, and for people who work with older people who want to make places walking-friendly. 

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Our work with older people

Streets Apart - London

Streets Apart London

                                                      We're looking for volunteers to take part in our award-winning Streets Apart project, which is being extended into Havering and Barking & Dagenham.

Streets Apart - London

Walking Connects - Scotland

Older adults

We’re working in partnership with older adults across Scotland to take action for safer, better streets for walking, and encouraging walking in later life.

Walking Connects in Scotland

Walking Friends -

Walking with older people

We’re looking for people over 50 to join us for an exciting project to help you be more active.

Walking Friends Wales

Sheffield Age Better

Age Better, Sheffield

Listen to the experiences of men and women who participated in a project Living Streets helped deliver in Sheffield.

Sheffield Age Better

Wythall Walking Friends

Walking Friends

An innovative project in the West Midlands has seen staff at a local company provide led walks for older people in the area. Watch our video.

Wythall Walking Friends

Out and About - Scotland

Older people


Working in partnership with older people in North Lanarkshire and the Scottish Borders to improve and maintain wellbeing through walking.

Out & About

#WalkingFromHome: Sheila Wall

Sheila is 86 years old, and has been out and about for walks in her local area during National Walking Month

#WalkingFromHome: Rita Moore

Rita has been going on daily walks during lockdown. The amazing health improvements she is seeing are proof that walking really is a miracle…

#WalkingFromHome: Older People

What can older people do this National Walking Month to keep walking, keep active and keep well?

Even a few additional steps a day for the most sedentary can deliver vast mental and physical health benefits

Since April 2013 over 700 older adults have taken part in our walking projects.

And those small steps have had big outcomes, as these numbers reflect.


Are more connected with their community.


Feel less lonely or isolated.


Feel fitter or healthier.


Feel less stressed or anxious.

What you can do