We take pride in being a diverse organisation, enriched by the participation of all individuals and communities.

Person in a wheel chair moving along busy street

Committed to inclusion

We are committed to creating inclusive environments, where unlawful discrimination on any grounds is eliminated and good relations between people from different backgrounds and equality of opportunity are promoted.

Diversity matters

The promotion of diversity and inclusion and the genuine equality of opportunity for all are central to ensuring fair employment and high quality service provision.

We work actively towards eliminating discrimination and work towards a culture where discriminatory behaviour by our employees, volunteers and trustees is challenged.

Equal opportunities

We are an equal opportunities employer. Our policy is to ensure that no supporter, service user, employee, volunteer, trustee or job applicant receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of ethnicity, faith/religion, age, gender, gender identity, marital/civil partnership status, sexual orientation, disability, maternity or pregnancy, or that they are disadvantaged by conditions or requirements that cannot be shown as justifiable.

Living Streets’ Board of Trustees and senior management team are committed to a programme of action to make our policy effective and regularly review progress

Using this website



We are committed to make our own website as accessible as possible, whatever people’s abilities or disabilities.

Our website has been tested using the following assistive technologies and applications: JAWS 13, NVDA 2011 / ZoomText 10, Dragon Naturally Speaking 12.


In March 2016 we asked the Shaw Trust to look at our website including using manual user testing to help us improve its accessibility.

The site was tested by a keyboard only user, a voice activation user, a screen reader user, a low vision user, a colour blind user, a deaf or hard of hearing user and a user with learning difficulties.

After seeing the feedback, we have gone back through the website to make sure we’ve got the basics right with link and image descriptions and header structures. We’ve also produced a checklist for our staff to refer to when creating new content to tighten up our process.

There are some limitations the testing showed us that we’re working to fix as quickly as we can for a small charity, you see the details below.


Using our website

Accessing the main menu

In some browsers you will find that the top level ‘hamburger’ menu isn’t accessible without a mouse. If using Internet Explorer 8 the menu will be extended by default, allowing you to pick a section. If this isn’t possible, you can choose from the options below:

Who we are
What we do
What you can do
Products and services

Skip to main content link

At the top of every page you will see a Skip to main content link. This will allow visitors using mouse-free or screenreader navigation to skip straight to the substantive content of web pages, bypassing the repeated page header and menus.

Mouse-free navigation

Users can now navigate pages using the TAB key to move through all the clickable links on a page. (If applicable, you can also use Shift + TAB to move through the links in reverse order). When selected, links will be highlighted. To click on the link, press Enter.


Things we’re working on

Despite our work to date there are some limitations to our site’s accessibility. We are working with our web team to address these where resources allow us. These are detailed below

We are aware of certain buttons on container pages (see for example https://www.livingstreets.org.uk/who-we-are/press-media) without link titles. This is a restriction built into our current content management system which we are working to fix. We are also aware that the social media icons at the bottom of our pages are not currently descriptive.

Missing notification of mandatory form fields on our email signup form
We’re aware that our email signup form at the bottom of the page doesn’t currently show which fields are mandatory, we’re hoping to get this fixed soon.

Inaccessible non-HTML documents
Some of our downloadable PDFs haven’t been designed in an accessible format. We are working to make sure we change this in new PDFs that we upload. If you need an existing document in another format, please let us know.


Requesting our content in accessible formats

We’re very happy to hear from you if you need us to provide some of our content in an alternative format to help you access it. This may include information from a page or a PDF of other non-HTML document that hasn’t been uploaded in a form that works for you. Get in touch by emailing info@livingstreets.org.uk.



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