A generation ago, 70% of us walked to school – now it’s less than half. 

We want to reverse this decline. We want children to be energised and empowered, and to make walking to school their natural choice. And we need your help.

Find out about the ways Living Streets Scotland gets children walking more, the fab tools we provide for teachers and parents, and our groundbreaking campaigning work that all underpin our vision of a new walking generation.

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Get involved - Primary schools

WOW - the year-round walk to school challenge

Children with winning badge designs

Pupils record how they get to school on the WOW Travel Tracker and those who walk once per week for a month are rewarded with a themed badge.

It's simple to run, fun and easy to take part. Just a few minutes of a teacher's day is all it takes to make a big difference.

And together with our free monthly curriculum-aligned learning resources and assembly presentations, WOW will help develop healthy lifelong habits.

Find out more about WOW

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Happy Shoesday

Wear the shoes that make you happy, have fun and help us create safer, walkable streets for all.

Five-day Walking Challenge

Our five-day walking challenge is designed to offer primary school pupils a burst of walking activity.

Month-long Walking Challenge

Help primary school pupils start to feel the benefits of regular activity by taking part in our month-long challenge.

Why the Walk to School matters

Happier children

It’s been proven that children who do some form of exercise, especially a walk before school, do better in class because they arrive refreshed, fit and ready to learn.

Less congestion

During morning peak traffic times, one in five cars on the road are taking children school, contributing to congestion, air pollution and carbon emissions.

Cleaner air

In the UK, the school run alone is responsible for generating half a million tonnes of CO2 per year (which is more than some small countries!). Imagine what we could achieve if we began converting some of these rides to strides?

Parents and carers

If you’re a parent or carer there are lots of ways we can help get your and your family walking.

Sign up for our tailored emails and we can help make walking safer and easier in your neighbourhood and get more children at your kids’ school walking.

How you can help

Our funding partners in Scotland

Transport Scotland
Smarter Choices, Smarter Places
Paths For All

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Dates for your diary

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Walk to School Week 

Dates for Walk to School Week 2019 will appear soon

Walk to School Week 2018 review

International Walk to School Month

October 2018

How 2017 went

Contact the Walk to School Scotland team

If you want to talk to us about getting more children walking to school, just drop us a line.

Telephone: 0131 2432648

Email: scotschools@livingstreets.org.uk

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