22 September is World Car Free Day, when all around the world towns and cities allow people to experience streets free of motor traffic.

It's a great chance to re-imagine our streets around people.


Car Free Cardiff

Start your own Parklet with our handy hacks and guide.

At our Living Streets stall we can offer you all the information and helpful starting points to transform your street into a place for seating, cycle parking or lanes, gardens, play areas or art.

Anyone can set up a parklet or a pop-up park to transform streets into a vibrant community hot spot. You’ll need permission from your local council, but after that, it can be easier than you might think. Why not work together with your neighbours to improve your local area for everyone who lives there?

Come and find us for inspiration and our step by step guide to creating a parklet. 

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pop up parklet in Hackney





Isabelle Clement with her thumb up on a tricycle on a car free path.


The recent announcements of changes to the Highway Code puts people walking and wheeling at the top of a new road user hierarchy. 

Sarah Berry from our Lambeth Local Group says shifting the narrative on who our streets are for can lead to making ambitious and necessary changes to our cities, towns and villages.


New York City

Blog post

Imagine a street where you didn't need to watch your back for cars and you had the whole expanse of the road to enjoy with your neighbours.

Read about why our Engagement Manager loves World Car Free Day.

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