Parent and two children walking

This is the story of how one local business helped a local school increase walking rates and earn a Silver Modeshift award.

Craig with pupils from the school

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Packmoor Primary School, in Stoke-on-Trent, needed a little bit of help to continue to run WOW – the year-round walk to school challenge. Meanwhile on the other side of town at a Walk Dr event, Woolcool Ltd were telling Craig Harris, our project coordinator, how they would like to support a local charity which improves the environment, and benefits the wellbeing of the community. It couldn’t have been better timing! Craig suggested the local business support a local school to help them continue to run a leading behaviour-change scheme which not only increases physical activity and mental wellbeing, but also cuts pollution and congestion!

Craig made the introduction and the perfect match was born. Woolcool Ltd donated £300 to the school which has allowed them to continue running WOW, and also to carry out a Community Street Audit to identify barriers to walking.

Since joining WOW Park and Stride journeys have increased by 45%. With the excellent walking rates and carrying out a CSA the school have been upgraded from a bronze to a silver Modeshift Award!

Working together. How Woolcool Ltd and Packmoor Primary School helped each other out ...

Woolcool Ltd wanted to use their corporate social responsibility to improve the environment and benefit the local community.

Packmoor Primary School needed a little help to continue running WOW - the year-round walk to school challenge.

Craig made a match and both the business and school can work together to increase walking rates and improve their community.









How a Community Route Audit works...

The idea behind a Community Route Audit (CRA) is to uncover the barriers for walking in a local area. All that's needed is a small group of pupils and residents and one of our local coordinators. 

Once key issues are flagged we make recommendations to both the school and the local council on how improvements can be made to bring a further increase in walking rates. 


"We are delighted to be chosen to receive the donation for WOW. It means that we can continue to promote our schools enthusiasm and drive towards active travel. The badge system works exceptionally well in our school and to be able to continue this reward system for the children we will ensure that Park and Stride figures continue to increase. We have also been introduced to a fantastic company widening our larger community links and we look forward to working with Woolcool again.

Nichola Worthington, Teacher at Packmoor Primary School