From 31 October, Glasgow will play host to the world's most important summit on climate change - and we are proud to be there.

Find out what Living Streets has planned during the talks, along with what we have to say on the part walking has to play in our response to the climate emergency.


Living Streets' events at COP26

We are excited to bring the following events to the conference on 10 November.

These will both take place in the Green Zone. In person tickets are available now via the links below. Streaming details will be added once they are available.

Full programme

Women leaders across the globe transforming street design

Wednesday, 10 November, 4-5pm GMT

Tower Base North, Green Zone

Chair: Susan Claris, Living Streets Vice President and Associate Director at Arup.

Setting the scene: How are women leaders transforming street design?

  • Leslie Kern PhD, Author - Feminist City: Claiming Space in a Man-Made World – What would a feminist city look like? (live from Canada)
  • Janet Sanz, Deputy Mayor, Barcelona – Improved streets for women, designed by women – principles for more inclusive design (live from Spain)
  • Carly Gilbert-Patrick Team Leader - Active Mobility, Digitalisation & Mode Integration, UN. How women across the world are taking the lead to increase active travel and decrease emissions (live from Kenya)

In action: What has been achieved in towns and cities? Putting into practice a more equitable approach

  • Leticia Sabino, Founder SampaPe - defining truly walkable cities across Brazil with inclusivity at its heart (live from Sao Paulo)
  • Anabel Gulias, Deputy Mayor, Pontevedra - How a whole town has benefited from more inclusive streets (live from Spain)
  • Cllr Anna Richardson, City Convenor for sustainability and carbon reduction, Glasgow – Prioritising active travel as a key part of Glasgow’s carbon reduction plan (in person in Glasgow). 

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The way we travel around our towns and cities is changing. Reducing motor use and increasing walking, wheeling and cycling is key to reducing carbon emissions.

Living Streets is bringing together women from across the globe to showcase how changes to street infrastructure can change travel behaviours in a positive way for the environment, our health and local economies.

Too often women, children, older and disabled people are excluded from designing and planning our public spaces. If we want urban worlds that are liveable, healthier and better, then we need to include more diverse groups in their development.

The panellists will discuss their approach to putting a more equitable society at the heart of their work.

People make transport: communities enabling greener travel

Wednesday, 10 November, 5-6pm GMT

Tower Base North, Green Zone

A partnership event with the Sustainable Transport Alliance exploring how diverse voices, enthusiasm and creativity can be harnessed to achieve low-carbon transport systems and behaviours in local communities.

The Sustainable Transport Alliance is made up of Bus Users, Campaign for Better Transport, Community Rail Network, Community Transport Association, Collaborative Mobility UK (CoMoUK), Living Streets, London Cycling Campaign, Sustrans. See our shared vision, mission and priorities.

Our thanks to Transport Scotland and Go-Ahead Group, a leading provider of passenger transport, for their support of this event.


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How can diverse voices, enthusiasm and creativity be harnessed to achieve low-carbon transport systems and behaviours in local communities? Join us for an interactive, inspirational session on getting the social side of sustainable transport right.

Transport emissions are rising faster globally than any other sector. While a shift to cleaner vehicles is important, it will take decades to take effect. To achieve meaningful change quickly, we must shift reliance away from private cars, making public and community transport, walking, cycling and shared mobility the ‘natural choice’. Research shows the social side of this change is vital: creating place-based solutions, integrating low-carbon modes, and encouraging and enabling sustainable transport behaviours.

The Sustainable Transport Alliance is the UK’s leading partnership of NGOs advocating for healthy, low carbon transport. This session will draw on our networks to showcase practical examples and insights on how local initiatives can engage and empower communities to achieve climate-safe, inclusive, healthy transport systems and behaviours.

Our panel of government, academic, industry and community experts will look at what broader policy and funding support is required to facilitate these initiatives; share expertise on building trust and making change last; and consider the wider impact on climate goals and additional benefits for health, wellbeing and sustainable development. These lessons are adaptable to any local context.

This event will include colourful examples that paint an inspiring picture of pathways to clean, green, equitable travel. Our panel of experts will engage in a lively debate, taking questions and comments from the audience to relate our experiences to other locations globally, sharing ideas, thinking and positivity around what we have to gain from cleaner transport.

Walking vs climate change

We are living in a climate emergency.

At Living Streets we see an approach not just to transport but to urban design and our day-to-day lives that promotes walking and reduces motor traffic as a key part of our collective response.

Tackling emissions and air pollution is central to so much of our work – from supporting anti-idling projects and calling for car-free school gates, to calling on local authorities to take the strongest action possible.

Read more about our vision.

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