Living Streets has come a long way since the Pedestrian’s Association was formed on 13 August 1929.

Speed limits. Zebra crossings. Driving tests.

Living Streets is proud to have played a part in delivering all of these.

After marking our 90th anniversary in 2019, we are now working our way towards our centenary with more momentum than ever.

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Our past


To mark our 90th anniversary we created an interactive timeline so you can go back in time and see what Living streets was doing the year you were born, or first voted, or any year you like back to 1929.


We've dug out loads of great old photos so why not go and pick a year?

We've also had a look back at our founder Tom Foley for inspiration. What drove his passion for "pedestrianism"?

Ninety years on we are continuing the work he pioneered and his ambitious vision for our organisation.

90 years of putting feet first

Our present

3 in 5 children never play local streets
More than 1 in 3 parents disagree that streets are safe and welcoming for their children
Three-quarters of people

“We are proud of the part our predecessors played in introducing measures which saved many lives, including the urban speed limit, the driving test and pedestrian crossings. However, there is still a way to go to ensure our streets are safe and our communities are friendly and thriving.”

read all about our 90th anniversary research

Case study: Routes into play

Our future

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You are the first to hear about our activities, you get to vote at our annual general meeting, and we invite you to help shape our movement for change.

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Our ambitions for our centenary year