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Scotland reports and research

20-Minute Neighbourhoods
Report cover - image of an older couple holding hands walking along a pavement
Getting Scotland Walking
Cover of report: image of a family walking away from the camera down a high street
Tools for Inclusion


Front cover of report: A group of people walking in a forest


Walking Connects: Learning from Sutherland Street
Front cover of report: image of a group of people talking in a circle on the pavement
Lower Speed Communities, Lossiemouth


Cover of report: image of group of people of mixed ages
Miles Better: Securing better access to the Scottish parliament


Front cover of report: image of car stopping at a zebra crossing


Out of Town and out of step


Front cover: image of map of local area
Walking connects: guide to better streets
Front cover of report - there are no images
Out and about in Cumbernauld


cover of report: a man on an accessibility chair with two dogs wheels along a path