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Pavement parking poster with blind man | Campaigning materials

Poster to be printed and displayed in windows and noticeboards, depicting a blind man trying to get around a pavement parked car.


Pavement clutter action pack | Campaigning materials

How to ensure your streets are free from clutter.


Electric vehicle charging point action pack | Campaigning materials

Tackling poor placement of electric vehicle charging points.


Pavements Parking action pack | Campaigning materials

How to tackle pavement parking in your area.


School Streets Toolkit | Campaigning materials

Our free guide to creating car-free school streets


Air quality consultations guide | Campaigning materials

Your local authority may soon – or already – be asking for feedback on its plans to tackle air pollution. This is your chance to have your say on how your local authority should clean up the air, and to make sure walking is prioritised as the natural choice for short journeys. This guide will give you Living Streets’ top recommendations for responding to air quality consultations in your area.


Air Quality Consultation briefing paper - full version | Campaigning materials


Parklets Tool Kit old | Campaigning materials


Parklets Tool Kit | Campaigning materials


Bus Connectivity Toolkit | Campaigning materials

Living Streets’ Bus Connectivity Project developed a new approach to test and improve links between public transport and walking. This Scottish Government funded project worked in 20 locations across Scotland, to determine what the barriers are to walk to local bus stops and for interchange between bus stops and train stations.