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Living Streets Response To Wales 20Mph Consultation | Consultation responses


How to campaign for a new crossing | Campaigning materials

A guide on what to do and who to ask for help if you think you need a new crossing in your area, and how to get the Council to do a survey of the proposed site.


Need a new crossing? | Campaigning materials

A list of things to consider if you think you need a new crossing outside your school, on your road or near your local shops.


Is your crossing up to scratch? | Campaigning materials

A handy checklist to help you assess any signalised crossing in your area.


Make your community fitter for walking | Campaigning materials

Some guidelines to help you deliver your assessment and build a case for improvements.


Take a little walk, make a big difference brochure | Campaigning materials

Six easy actions to get more walking into your day.


Get Wales Walking | Campaigning materials

Our manifesto for the 2016 Welsh election.


Cael Cymru i Gerdded | Campaigning materials

Bydd Cymru sy’n cerdded yn iachach, glanach, diogelach a mwy cysylltiedig. Felly dewch i ni gael Cymru i gerdded.


NWM Rate Your Walk poster | Campaigning materials

Rate your walk poster in to promote National Walking Month.


NWM Try20 poster | Campaigning materials

Poster to promote our Try20 campaign during National Walking Month May.