Cities Alive: Towards a Walking World

Arup has today (June 20) published a new report: Cities Alive: Towards a Walking World. The built environment…


Why you should take a walking lunch

As part of National Walking Month, Westfield Health launched a campaign called ‘Walking Lunch’, where worker…


Why walking is a great way to explore

National Walking Month has come to a close and I have just returned home from my second ever walking holiday.…


#Try20 pledger, Jean, tells us about her journey

#Try20 pledger, Jean Taylor tells us about her journey


Why I walk to school

Chris has been walking his daughter to school for years. He urges you to give it a go.

Father and child walking to school


National Walking Month – the story so far…

Tanya, our Media and Comms Manager spills the beans on National Walking Month so far...


New rules a positive sign for walkers

A new regulation has quietly come into place which looks set to subtly change the pedestrian landscape - and f…

Young woman walking over zebra crossing


Government opens CWIS consultation

Government commits to reverse the decline in walking with Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy.


Scotland can end pavement parking in 2016

Scotland can end pavement parking in 2016.

Women with pram walking in the road due to a car on the pavement