Happy Shoesday is Living Streets' one-day fundraising event for primary schools

On the Tuesday of Walk to School Week in May each year, primary school pupils, parents and teachers across the country raise money for our walking projects, by wearing their happy shoes and donating £1.

Shiny, decorated, colourful, cartoon, gorilla feet - whatever brings that smile on their walk to school.

Two children's fun shoes

Happy Shoesday 2017 is on Tuesday, 16 May

Register to take part and we’ll send you a free fundraising pack full of promotional materials and activity ideas to help make running the day as easy and as fun as possible.


For some lucky people every day is a shoesday...

Every day's a Shoesday: Footwear Designer

Here's how every day is a Happy Shoesday for Hannah, a Footwear Designer.

Hannah Martinez

Everyday's a Shoesday: Theatre Shoemaker

Jessica is a shoe designer for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Jessica Smith, RSC

Every day's a Shoesday: Shoe carer

Here's how every day is a Happy Shoesday for Derek, a shoe carer.

Good reasons to join in

1. Be Happy Shoesday Heroes. Thanks to your generosity we’re able to run walking projects that help people of all generations enjoy the benefits of walking.

2. Feel good!
Walking to school is proven to help children feel healthier and happier as well as helping reduce congestion and pollution at the school gates. 

3. Have fun!
Happy Shoesday is a creative way to get the whole school celebrating walking. Our fundraising pack has everything you need to make the day go with a bang

On the day, more pupils walked to school so they could wear their favourite shoes and show all of their friends. Some pupils and teachers were very creative and made or altered their shoes.

Kerry, teacher at Bowlee Park School raised £441 on Happy Shoesday 2016

Free Happy Shoesday resources

Happy Shoesday shoe cape

Happy Shoesday template press release 

Our work

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Manchester mum tells us the benefits of WOW - from a mother's perspective.

School Route Audit, Surrey

How one pupil's love of WOW has led to some serious walkability improvements in Hersham.

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Scheme sees streets outside several primary schools closed to motorised vehicles at peak times.

We had an amazing happy shoesday 2016!

Check out our photos and tweets of all the fun from Happy Shoesday 2016.