Happy Shoesday

Happy Shoesday is taking place on Tuesday 22 May 2018. 

Children and grown-ups alike love taking part in our one-day fundraising event. Why?

Because not only does it remind everyone about the adventures you can experience on your walk to school, but it highlights the many benefits that active travel brings to children, their schools and the local community. 

Lowered congestion, lower air pollution levels, safer roads and a whole lot of happy, healthy children who arrive fit, refreshed and ready to learn! 



Two children's fun shoes

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Highlights from Shoesday 2017

For some lucky people every day is a shoesday...

Every day's a Shoesday: Footwear Designer

Here's how every day is a Happy Shoesday for Hannah, a Footwear Designer.

Hannah Martinez

Everyday's a Shoesday: Theatre Shoemaker

Jessica is a shoe designer for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Jessica Smith, RSC

Every day's a Shoesday: Shoe carer

Here's how every day is a Happy Shoesday for Derek, a shoe carer.

On the day, more pupils walked to school so they could wear their favourite shoes and show all of their friends. Some pupils and teachers were very creative and made or altered their shoes.

Kerry, teacher at Bowlee Park School raised £441 on Happy Shoesday 2016

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