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Tip 16 – Walk the rainbow

Bring a bit of colour to your walk! 

Before you head out on a walk, choose a colour that you're going to look for - or search for the whole rainbow! 

Walking with purpose can help you spot things you might not have noticed before. 

Why not take some photos of whatever colourful things you spot and share them on social media using the #Try20 hashtag?

Find colour on your walk

"As I set off on my mission to find as many colours as I could, I deliberately left my headphones at home and tried to properly look at my surroundings, from the sky above me to the pavement below my feet."

Sarah Lamey, one of our Communications Coordinators, tells us why she decided to search for colour on her daily walks.

Have you tried all of our #Try20 tips yet? You could transform your street, let the kids lead the way and many more – there's something for everyone to try. We've put together 20 tips to help you fit 20 minutes of walking into your day.

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