Living Streets Tower Hamlets is campaigning for clean, safe, clutter-free streets and public spaces, to ensure that walking is a comfortable and pleasant way to get around the borough.

We're lobbying the council to continue to invest in schemes that put the safety of pedestrians above the convenience of motor traffic, and that give local businesses a boost from vibrant, people-friendly high streets.

Get in touch with our local group coordinators and see how you can take action locally. 

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Photo of new LTN in Tower Hamlets
Tower Hamlets hustings

Influencing change through hustings

Regional, mayoral and council elections were held across the UK in the Spring of 2022.

Living Streets asked Local Groups to take the extra step to put walking, wheeling and our streets on the local agenda. And here we hear from some of them.

Groups including Tower Hamlets Local Group organised and hosted their own “hustings”; a meeting at which candidates in an election address potential voters.

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