The summer holidays are fast-approaching – or even under way for some of you. If your children are off to a different school or starting to walk with their friends from September, then this might be the last week you take the journey with them.

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End of an era for this mum

We think a lot about the health benefits that walking brings to children, but this lovely Facebook post from mum made us think about all the memories we make on the walk to school, too.

"There have been times over the last 7 years when we've run the whole way to avoid being late, we've had tears and grazed knees, been soaked through to our underwear in torrential downpours, we've slipped on ice and been frozen in the snow, we've had broken shoes and lost a hundred things but, what fun we've had.

"Collecting pine cones and watching the seasons change, talking about our hopes and dreams, inventing games and telling stories, making plans and laughing so hard that we're doubled over and we can't walk anymore."

Louise and her daughter on the school run

Enjoy every second with your kids because you blink and they're not little anymore. My daughter is off to ‘big school’ soon, she'll be getting there all by herself and I've just realised I'm going to miss our dreaded school run so so much.

Louise Parris

What will you miss about the walk to school?

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