Want to get your workplace walking more this May? We don’t blame you! Walking improves productivity, boosts happiness levels and reduces feelings of stress.

National Walking Month is the perfect hook for getting your colleagues or employees onto their feet and more active.

We want everyone to #Try20 this May – check out our tips below for how to make walking more fun and easy during the month and into the future.

Walk to work

Food Exclusion Zone



Get adventurous this month - give your taste buds a treat as well as your feet. Set up a food exclusion zone (FEZ) and make sure you walk at least 20 minutes when buying your lunch. All those shops round the corner are banned!

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Try a walking meeting

walking meeting


Get some fresh air and a change of scenery, boost your energy and productivity. Simple. Inspire the whole office to get involved and #Try20 today to feel energised and start the week with a smile.

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Two birds, one stone

two birds


Why not incorporate some of your daily chores into a lunch time walk? Get out and about and get stuff done! Find out where your local cobblers, grocers or bank is and take a stroll to get those necessary chores done.

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Our National Walking Month Partner

Walk to work
Westfield Health logo


Westfield Health are particularly keen that more of us walk during our lunch breaks this May. Log your miles on their online tracker with your colleagues and see if your workplace can win the challenge!


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Are you in Scotland?

If you live in Scotland, check out our friends Paths for All and their Stepcount Challenge. Teams from workplaces across the country will be challenging themselves to walk more and feel the difference.

The challenge supports staff to find simple and sustainable ways of building a little more activity into their working day including; walking to work, going for a lunchtime stroll, walking meetings and using the stairs rather than the lift.

The challenge starts on the 1 May and runs for 8 weeks.


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Count every step

Want to measure your success and your colleagues' this May?

Pick up a Living Streets pedometer from our online shop or, for bulk buys, email orders@livingstreets.org.uk