Mark Ruskell MSP has lodged a final proposal for a bill to replace the current 30mph default speed limit on restricted roads with a 20mph limit.

Living Streets Scotland, the charity for everyday walking, is backing the move to make the default national urban speed limit 20mph and calling for cross-party support.

Stuart Hay, Director, Living Streets Scotland said:

“20mph speed limits increase road safety. This helps people feel more comfortable walking which is better for their health and the local environment.

“A move to a national limit would save councils millions in the ad hoc roll out 20mph limits and help with a co-ordinated nationwide promotion. Councils could still designate areas where there are few pedestrians and cyclists, such as industrial estates, as 30mph."

20mph roads

The proposal needs cross-party support and we hope all MSPs that are committed to improving road safety will back the bill.

Stuart Hay, Director, Living Streets Scotland