News of a consultation into the layout and infrastructure of Edinburgh city centre in September has been welcomed by everyday walking charity, Living Streets Scotland who say this is a sign that the Scottish capital is catching up with other leading European cities but that the plans are long overdue.



Commenting on the proposal Stuart Hay, the charity’s Director for Scotland said:

“Car-free days will allow people to experience streets without traffic congestion and pollution and create room for social and economic activity in the city centre. It’s important to experiment in one of the least pedestrianized cities in Europe. We hope people will get a taste for cleaner, safer more vibrant streets and back more permanent changes.

“Cities like Paris and New York have shown the value of these events as part of a strategy to transform streets. Similar moves in Scotland’s car-dominated capital are long overdue. Edinburgh has unique streets recognised as a world heritage area that should be seen in their true glory, by people on foot and bike and arriving by public transport

“We urge anyone who cares about Edinburgh to participate in the forthcoming City of Edinburgh consultation on transforming the city centre to back further measures to make streets safer, less polluted and car dominated.”