Living Streets welcomes the new Mayor’s Transport Strategy out today (Wednesday 28 February) and the commitment to make health the priority as we plan our city.

The aim is for 80 per cent of trips to be made by active, efficient and sustainable modes – public transport, walking and cycling – by 2041. This aim is expected to be fulfilled by increases in levels of walking and cycling by between 11 and 48 per cent.

However, without prioritising the reallocation of road space from vehicles to people walking and cycling, these projections will not happen.    

Tompion Platt, Head of Policy and Communications, Living Streets comments: 

“For too long, London has been designed around cars and not people, leaving our streets congested and polluted. The Mayor’s Transport Strategy sets out a positive long-term plan for changing that. At its heart it’s about reducing motor traffic dominance and enabling more people to choose healthier ways to get around and experience the city.

“We want to see the Mayor’s ambitious walking projections realised, but the only way that will happen is if London’s streets are made to be more welcoming for people. Without prioritising the reallocation of road space from vehicles to people walking and cycling that will not happen.  

“The Mayor has committed to investing £billions in making our streets healthier, which should be used to prioritise creating and enhancing space for people. In central London, this means delivering the transformation of Oxford Street and Parliament Square. And where people live, work, and shop, we want to see less traffic, more space for people, lower speed limits and more initiatives to support people to walk their everyday journeys.”