Through a project run by everyday walking charity, Living Streets, two local companies in Stoke worked together to improve walking routes along the canal.

The work along Cauldon Canal included clearing vegetation, ensuring the footpath is clear, painting signs and monuments and general appearance of the canal side.

Twelve members of Michelin worked on the project alongside a member of the Canal and River Trust and a member of Living Streets.

Restoring the canal path

This volunteering activity followed on from work by Living Streets to promote active travel, alternative routes and lunchtime walks to Michelin staff.

Craig Harris, Project Coordinator for Living Streets Stoke said: “It’s really important that local walking routes are safe, clear and accessible for people in Stoke to use for walking to, from and during working hours.

“We worked with the Canal and River Trust to utilise what were un-used routes that now Michelin staff can walk along to get to and from work. It was a great day and lots of effort went into improvements from Michelin staff.”

Living Streets will see what impact the clearance of the canal footpaths has had on walking rates in six months time.

Jane Belcher, HR Manager, Michelin said:

“Over a number of years, as part of our commitment to the local community, teams of employees have enjoyed helping a variety of organisations such as Middeport Matters, The Peter Pan Nursery and Kibblestone Scout Camp.

“Our HR team was seeking a suitable project and Living Streets suggested we could join forces with the Canals and Rivers Trust to clear a stretch of the canal near our offices. It turned out to be ideal and our colleagues can also enjoy our efforts during lunchtime walks and using the route as an alternative active route to work. Having Living Streets coordinate helped make the process of arranging it very easy.”

John Keaveny,  Volunteer Coordinator, Canal and River Trust said: “A really good day’s work by everyone and a significant improvement to the look of the of the paths, it was great for the Canal and River Trust to engage with organisations such as Michelin who are a big part of our local community. Massive thank you to Living Streets too for making the day happen.”