Do you have what it takes to help us create a walking nation?

We believe that a walking nation means a better life for everyone. Our ambition is to encourage people of all generations to enjoy the benefits that this simple act brings and to ensure all our streets are fit for walking.

 We’ve come a long way since our foundation in 1929. We are a modern organisation with an excellent reputation for evidence-based policy, innovative campaigning and high quality projects.  We have staff all over the UK, wherever the walking need takes us.

 We aim to be an equal opportunity employer and welcome applications from diverse backgrounds.

Let's walk together

What our team say

“Great challenge”

“Turning up at a school for an assembly with our mascot Strider is great fun. But I also got the opportunity to take a government Minister to a school recently to see our work in action. Working with children and their coordinators is a great challenge.”

Living Streets' Rukayat Akanji-Suleman addressing a school class

Rukayat Akanji-Suleman

Walk to School Coordinator, London


“Where else could I walk and talk with so many inspiring people. I love working in my local community with people from all ages and backgrounds. I’ve met so many enthusiastic, determined and committed individuals along the way, and it's a real pleasure to see the difference a little bit of walking brings to their lives.”

Jim Shaw undertaking a street audit with local residents

Jim Shaw

Walking Coordinator, Yorkshire


Director of Policy and Communications

London | Full Time


Living Streets takes pride in being a diverse organisation, enriched by the participation of all individuals and communities. Our aim is to overcome discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion/belief, marriage/civil partnership, maternity and pregnancy.

We have safeguards in place and will make all reasonable adjustments to ensure that no one experiences either direct or indirect discrimination as part of the recruitment process or in their day to day work. If you feel that there are ways in which our process could be improved we would welcome your feedback

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We are a Living Wage employer