Living Streets Scotland Forum is a community of supporters helping deliver improved pedestrian conditions in Scotland and acting as a network for pedestrian issues. Campaigners are located across Scotland.

We work to, and are successful in, influencing national (Scottish) policy on pedestrian issues and street design, campaigning and lobbying and liaising with other NGOs. If you would like to help shape future Scottish campaigns and policy, join us now. Whether you want to walk more in your community, help improve walkability of your neighbourhood or town, campaign to introduce 20 mph speed limits or protect your pavement from inconsiderate parkers, Living Streets Scotland Forum can help you get started.

Our current priorities are

  • Promoting the Responsible Parking Bill going through the Scottish Parliament
  • Supporting local campaigners to tackle local pedestrian problems and speeding traffic
  • Campaigning for better pedestrian access to bus and rail stations and tackling cycling on pavements.

The Forum meetings are on a “needs” basis but we regularly communicate with those in the Forum.


Just so you know, below you're contacting a local volunteer, not the national charity.

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