The Charles Maher Living Streets Award recognises an individual, Local Group or organisation who has campaigned to get more people walking in their area.

Nominations are judged on their creativity and the level of impact they’ve had.

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Nominations will close on 19 February.

Winners will be invited to collect the award at the Living Streets Walking Summit in London on 10 March.

The 2018 Charles Maher Award was won posthumously by Edinburgh architect and campaigner, Alison Blamire.

Alison led the Causey Development Trust, a grassroots campaign that sought to reimagine a neglected, car-dominated cityscape and turn it into a vibrant, people-friendly place that celebrates the history and spirit of the Southside of Edinburgh.

Below we share just part of the wonderful testimony to Alison's work from one of her fellow campaigners, Isobel Leckie.

Alison Blamire

"We are inspired to match Alison's powerful example."

Ten years ago, Alison’s vision for an ill-used, rundown, vehicle-dominated street saw it transformed for four days into a gorgeous, award-winning tropical island, complete with real grass, palm trees and flowers was certainly creative and innovative.

People who visited the street or just happened to walk by were invited to write their hopes for the street on an Ideas Tree.

The positive response was the springboard for all CDT future activity to create a street for people. Alison’s innate creativity informed all the Trust’s publications, activities and events. Ideas Workshops for local people were carefully curated to engage different groups.

She commissioned an artist to create public art for The Causey and set up free public workshops with him. She insisted that professionally made films and photographs of the workshops and public exhibitions are available on The Causey website so that other groups could access them.

CDT is inspired to match Alison’s powerful example.

Previous winners

Last year's award went to Morag Rose of the Loiterers Resistance Movementin Manchester.

There was also a commendation for the Walking For Health team from Wincanton.

You can view their acceptance speeches here.

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