Plans to pedestrianise Oxford Street in jeopardy.
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More than 7,000 Living Streets supporters said they backed plans for a transformed Oxford Street. Now we need everyone to restate their support.

Earlier this year, two-thirds of responses to TfL and Westminster City Council's consultation on the future of Oxford Street supported proposals transforming the street and its surrounding areas.

However local councillors are reportedly cooling on the idea. So we must mobilise again.

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Pedestrianisation is the only answer. Redesigning the street around people – not vehicles – will ensure Oxford Street’s future as a world-class destination, rejuvenating the retail offer and securing prosperity and jobs in the area.

Joe Irvin, Living Streets Chief Exec

Our Oxford Street statement in full


Air pollution on Oxford Street is four-times the legal limit



Once a week

A pedestrian is involved in a collision on Oxford Street


More people each day expected in Oxford Street when Crossrail opens in 2018


Number of people visiting Oxford Street every week

Video: Tom Platt, our Head of Policy & Comms, on why why it is important we support the proposals for a vehicle-free Oxford Street

Oxford Street - the story so far

Oxford Street

After many years campaigning, with our supporters and Westminster Living Streets Group, we are thrilled that Oxford Street is set to be transformed by London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

In the run up to the 2016 mayoral election the then candidate responded to our campaign by pledging to pedestrianise Oxford Street.

The street will now be pedestrianised in three phases, with a series of consultations to gather opinions and assess support.

It is important to respond to every consultation to make our voices heard.




Walking Cities: London

Living Streets has seven principles on which it has been campaigning on the future of Oxford Street

1 Make Oxford Street a world-class visitor and business destination - a great place to be and walk

2. Removal of all motor traffic with access to buses and taxis a short walk away 

3. Accessible to all, regardless of age or disability

4. A safe environment, day and night

5. Provision of a parallel high quality east-west cycle route

6. Careful consideration of the impact on the wider West End 

7. Consolidated deliveries limited to off peak times

Our campaign partners supporting these seven principles

The Voices
of London

We chatted to some London residents when Oxford Street was closed to cars. Here's what they had to say...