Living Streets wants Cardiff to be healthier, cleaner and less congested  - by making walking safer, more pleasant and the easiest option for short journeys we can make change happen.

We expect the new Cardiff council leader, Huw Thomas, to deliver on the Labour Party manifesto to make Cardiff a "great active travel city."

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Living Streets now wants to see leadership and an action plan within the first 100 days to turn the commitments into reality.

Our research has found that almost a third of parents (30%) think their city is unsafe for children walking to school.

After a generation of decline in the number of children walking to primary school (from 70% to 47%), Living Streets is now urging the new Labour Council Leader to support making their pledge to “invest in safer routes to our schools and ensure every school has an active travel plan for cycling and walking.”

Other commitments by the Labour Party in its manifesto for the city include; making Cardiff a "great active travel city", encouraging more cycling and walking, rolling out more 20mph zones across the city and to work towards making Cardiff a United Nations ‘Child Friendly City’. Living Streets now wants to see action to turn these commitments into reality.

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These are our campaign aims in Cardiff



  1. Appoint a walking and cycling champion
  2. Reduce vehicle dependency
  3. Create walking-friendly communities
  4. Get Cardiff walking
  5. Create a Safer Cardiff
  • Develop a long-term strategy as part of the Local Development Plan on walking and public realm improvements that sets out an ambitious target to increase walking for short journeys. Appoint someone at a senior level to champion walking across Cardiff.

  • Mandate Cardiff Council Transport Team to assess the feasibility of a smart road-pricing scheme for  Cardiff city centre that tackles air pollution, vehicle dominance and congestion and raises revenue for walking, cycling and public transport.

  • Lead an initiative that creates walking friendly centres to encourage people to make local journeys on foot or bike, helps regenerate communities and brings more customers to local businesses. Small changes can make a big difference to the walking experience in Cardiff, such as making crossing waits shorter and crossing times longer.

  • Deliver a transformative behaviour change programme to reward people of all ages who walk to school or work and reduce delays on the city’s congested road network.

  • Adopt a ‘Vision Zero’ approach to road safety, which puts the elimination of road danger at the heart of the transport system and commit to a 20mph speed limit across the whole of Cardiff where people live, work and shop.

Our Walking Cities Campaign

Living Streets is calling on the new leaders in our major UK cities to make their cities healthier, cleaner and less congested.



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