Living Streets and London Cycling Campaign

With local council elections across the capital this May, Living Streets and London Cycling Campaign are teaming up to call for a more liveable London. 
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Walking and cycling

A more Liveable London means fewer cars on our roads.   

That’s why we and our London Local Group are running a joint campaign with the London Cycling Campaign calling for low traffic neighbourhoods that prioritise people walking and on bikes. 



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Imagine a truly Liveable London. A city where:

  • It's enjoyable to walk and cycle your local trips
  • You can breathe fresh  air on streets free from congestion
  • Children can roam safely, and cycle and walk to school
  • There are relaxing places to stop, rest and talk with neighbours.

Your local council can help create places where our families, friends and communities are put first, and where motor traffic, pollution and congestion don't dominate our streets.

Places where everyone live well, breathe easy, walk and cycle safely and happily.

My Liveable London

Get involved in your borough

Walking in London

Campaigners from our various London Living Streets Groups are attending hustings events in the run-up to polling day.

Want to get involved? Get in touch with your local group, or attend one of the hustings in our calendar below.

You should also visit the new website the umbrella London Living Streets Group have set up.

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London Group MLL

Hustings calendar

Party leaders who have already pledged to deliver a Liveable London


Ann Garrett and John Street – Green Party



Christopher Noyce - Liberal Democrat Party



Steve Curran – Labour Party


Tower Hamlets

Elaine Bagshaw – Mayoral candidate - Liberal Democrat Party

Ciaran Jebb – Mayoral candidate – Green Party



Simon Hogg – Labour Party

Di McCann – Green Party



Adam Hug – Labour Party            

Sarah Ryan - Liberal Democrat Party