Songs, friends, a doggy and a splendidly paved, motor-free walkway. An early contender for the most Living Streets film ever.

So where are the benefits?

Family time - and the Tin Man and Scarecrow end up in much Better shape once they get back to Kansas.

The Lord of the Rings

Mordor is Oz without the fun. The whole epic trilogy, as per Tolkein's books, is basically about a really long walk. A really long, perilous, obstacle-strewn walk. But a walk nonetheless.

So where are the benefits?

The Hidden treasure in Frodo's pocket - but definitely not Clearer head because it was really stressful for everyone concerned.


I know everyone loves Frozen, but I refuse to endorse so much walking around on treacherous ice.

So where are the benefits?

Only the reminder that we should all become snow angels.


"Know what I wanna do? Strut." Us too, John Travolta. Us too.

So where are the benefits?

He doesn't even have "time to talk," which is a bit anti-social, but obviously this is a man with a Clearer head.


A walking castle? A castle that walks?!

So where are the benefits?

There are none - after all, if work walked to us, where would that leave Living Streets' Walk Challenge? Sorry


It's the transformatory angle we like about this yarn - Shrek changing from a grumpy ogre to a loved-up ogre.

So where are the benefits?

Got to be Better shape hasn't it?


When Tony sings Maria. Pass the hanky.

So where are the benefits?

Hard one this. It all ends a bit tragically. But in discovering "the most beautiful sound [he's] ever heard," it has to be Hidden treasure.


Another epic schlep - this time, as our commercial manager, Alex, put it, all to see David Bowie's haricut and get a baby back.

So where are the benefits?

Well, she gets the baby back, so it has to be Family time.


Walking to work never looked cooler.

They categorically fail on all National Walking Month counts, betraying each other (out go Family time and Clearer head), shooting each other (bye bye Better shape) and no one gets any loot (no Fatter wallet or Hidden treasure), so let's give them Carbon buster for ditching the motors this once.

Which scenes would you add?

Can you think of any contenders for the Fatter wallet accolade to get us up to a round top ten? Add your suggestions in the comment boxes below.


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