How to fit more walking into your working day

Andrew Watson from the National Workplace Challenge talks to us about how to fit more walking into the working…


Bristol Walk Fest

We're proud supporters of Bristol Walking Festival - a great celebration of #walkingcities.


Walking pledges in Mayoral manifestos

Living Streets is calling for Mayoral candidates to commit to creating #walkingcities.

People walking


Highlights from the Walking Summit

Tompion Platt, Head of Policy & Communications at Living Streets recounts his highlights of the Walking Summit…

Walking Summit speakers


London is leading the way on cleaning up air pollution

Our Policy Coordinator Steve Chambers explains how London is leading the way on cleaning up air pollution but …


Reclaiming our cities for pedestrians

Ahead of our Walking Summit, Ben Still, of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority blogs for us.


Healthy Streets

Living Streets welcomes new London Walking and Cycling Commissioner, Will Norman, following launch of importan…


Edinburgh could do an awful lot better

Convenor of the Edinburgh Living Streets Group responds to our Walking Cities poll.


What better streets can mean for health

Why does the quality of our streets affect our health?