Set up a FEZ

That's short for a food exclusion zone.

All those sandwich shops round the corner are BANNED!

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10k a day

Get yourself a pedometer, and aim to walk 10,000 steps a day. Start with one day a week, and build to 10k every day. You’ll feel amazing!

Step one, step two, step three…

Counting your steps and aiming for a daily target is one of the most motivating ways to get yourself walking more. Get a simple pedometer and watch those steps add up.

Squirrel count

They’re everywhere! See how many of these furry critters you can spot each day… obviously the longer they make your walk, the easier it will be to beat your existing score.

Mobile meetings

Got a heavy meeting schedule at work this week? Challenge yourself to make at least one meeting a week a walking meeting, and feel the benefits of an active ideas session.

Learn local life

Get familiar with your surroundings. Every day this week, alter your walking route to encompass a street you don’t usually use, and keep a note of all the shops, parks and other treasures you never knew about.

Pit stop prep

Stash a blanket and snack in your bag, and treat yourself to an impromptu picnic when you stumble across a particularly pretty area on your walk.

Snap your streets

Use your walk to work, school or the shops to enjoy your surroundings and practice your photography skills. If you get really snap happy, set up an Instagram account or photo blog. #Try20 this May

Walkie talkie

Whether you’ve got a meeting at work or are going for a coffee with a friend, the beauty of talking is that you can do it while walking. Go for a stroll together instead of sitting still.

Just around the corner

Walk to the shops around the corner rather than driving, or get off the bus a stop or two early and walk the last 10 minutes to the office.

Fatten that piggy

Motivate yourself to walk more by putting your equivalent petrol money or bus fare in a piggy bank each time you walk. Watch those pennies add up and treat yourself at the end of the month for being so active.