A walking nation starts with you

For most of us, walking is as simple as putting on a pair of shoes and opening our front door. Yet it’s not always that easy.

That’s why we’re building a movement about a movement.

Together we can create a nation where people from all generations walk and enjoy the benefits that this simple act brings.




Man walking on London's South Bank with other walkers and City Hall in background

Campaign with us

Imagine our roads free from congestion and pollution. Imagine a world with less risk of many preventable illnesses. Imagine better streets that everyone can use and enjoy.

Join thousands of people across the country making a big difference.


We need cities that are designed around people not motor vehicles.

#Get involved where you live..

Walking Cities

Our latest campaigns

Thousands of people across the country have joined forces to make streets fitter for walking. We need you to make a big impact. You’ll be surprised what a big difference a small action could make.

Walking Cities: Oxford Street

Our campaign to make Oxford Street a world-class place for walking.

Call for a pavement parking ban in Scotland

Scotland close to a nationwide ban on pavement parking - help us make sure there are no loopholes.

International Walk to School Month

October is International Walk to School Month, when thousands of children across the world will be celebrating…

Living Streets Local Groups

A walking nation means local action. Our Local Groups help build a walking nation one street, community, town and city at a time.

We know that our strength lies in passionate and knowledgable people speaking out for the streets where they live.

Living Streets Local Groups are made up of dedicated campaigners who work with their local councils, neighbourhood groups and residents to make their streets more walkable.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Why not join a Local Group or if there isn’t one near you, we can help you set one up.  

Living Streets Local Groups




people walking

Help us build a walking nation

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children walking


Let's walk together


A key part of our vision rests on the principle that, if we fix the Walk to School, we will go a long way to making our streets more walkable.

This October, we are calling on children, parents, carers and teachers (and everyone else!) to take to the streets, let us know how their walk to school measures up, and help us overcome the obstacles to the Walk to School.

International Walk to School Month

Set up a FEZ

That's short for a food exclusion zone.

All those sandwich shops round the corner are BANNED!

Find out more

Step one, step two, step three…

Counting your steps and aiming for a daily target is one of the most motivating ways to get yourself walking more. Get a simple pedometer and watch those steps add up.

Squirrel count

They’re everywhere! See how many of these furry critters you can spot each day… obviously the longer they make your walk, the easier it will be to beat your existing score.

Mobile meetings

Got a heavy meeting schedule at work this week? Challenge yourself to make at least one meeting a week a walking meeting, and feel the benefits of an active ideas session.

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