Little Feet

Living Streets is in the process of developing an early year’s walk to pre-school resource aimed at families with children aged two to five years old.

With over 2,500 schools already participating in WOW our year-round walk to school challenge for primary pupils, we want to continue to build on this success.

We believe that is never too early to establish healthy habits and getting little ones moving is a great way to start.

Parent walking with child

Promoting healthy weight and muscular development 


Developing social skills and independence  

Less congestion outside the front of the setting creating safer roads and less air pollution

Happier and healthier children
Parent with toddler and buggy

Walking all or part of the journey to and from pre-school is a simple and effective way to help for families to meet their daily activity level recommendations.

It is also the perfect chance for you and your child to spend some quality time together at the start and end of each day. 

On your journeys, you can talk about the day, the things you see, make new friends and teach your child road safety skills and the importance of looking after the environment.

Parent and child on scooter

Recommended activity by age group

Children under five

180 minutes of physical activity throughout the day (light or energetic activity)


60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity daily


30 minutes of moderate activity, five or more days a week

Did you know?


Children aged two to four who do not reach their recommended daily activity levels

Let's do better

Start by building on what you are doing already and plan more active travel into your routine. 

Don’t forget it’s not about the weather, but what you wear.

If you live too far away to walk the whole way, why not plan your route so you walk part of the journey.

What we know

In August we commissioned a detailed piece of research into the early year’s sector.

This was to widen our understanding of this age group, and generate some insight into potential interventions, and ultimately to help better understand the early years environment.

One of our key findings was that 78% of settings were not involved in any kind of walking initiative.

We also know that the main barrier to active travel for parents with young children is that they feel they don’t have enough time especially if they are dropping children off to nursery on the way to work.

Other barriers included juggling children at different schools, and young children being slow walkers.

However, despite the barriers, parents and service providers from our research were positive about the impact walking to pre-school can have:

“Exercise is the key to a healthier lifestyle and wherever it is possible we would want to encourage families to walk to preschool.  I believe they would be more alert and eager learners.”

An early years provider

“A nice walk on a morning, kids get a bit of fresh air, they go into class more active instead of going by car… They’re more alert.’’

A parent


Next steps

We are now at the exciting stage of working with designers and manufacturers to develop resources.

A few early years settings have been selected to test and review a first design of the resource and this will take place over January and February.

The resource will be fully developed by early April and we will keep you updated on this.


Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about the resource please contact  

Instagram Prize Draw

If your child’s early year’s setting has been selected to pilot the Little Feet early years resource over January and February, don’t forget to take part in out Instagram Prize Draw!

All you need to is upload a photo of your journey to or from school with your little one with a caption that includes:

@LivingStreets and #Littlefeetwalking

Each photo will be entered into a prize draw for a free Little Feet resource pack for your child’s setting up to the value of £200.

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